Imagine a Wiser™ Smart Home solution that puts you in control

1 January 2022

Imagine a Wiser™ Smart Home solution that puts you in control

For a limited time, most TERRACE homes come with a Wiser™ Smart Home package*, valued at $1,150, which includes a Wiser™ hub, 3 Wiser™ 2A switches, installation, programming, set up and handover! Hurry, offer ends 31 March 2022. 

Imagine how effortless life would be in a smarter home.

Imagine being in control of every aspect of your home – from the temperature to the lighting to your energy use – with just a few taps on your smartphone, or a few words to your voice assistant.

Imagine how comfortable you’d feel having everything set just how you like it, whenever you want. A secure feeling, knowing that you never have to worry about whether you have shut a door or turned off an appliance. And how environmentally sensitive and economical you’ll be by using energy more efficiently.

Now imagine being in control of all aspects of your home easily and intuitively, with a simple yet powerful smart home solution that can grow to meet your changing needs.

Reimagine how you live with a Clipsal Wiser Smart Home solution.

Taking charge of your home and taking the complications out of your daily life couldn’t be easier with a Clipsal Wiser Smart Home. It’s designed to be suitable for any home whether it’s a new build or an existing home, allowing you to:

• Manage your lighting, blinds, shutters, split system aircon, appliances and more via an app, wherever you are.

• Create and schedule your own ‘Moments’, like movie nights or family dinners, where settings such as the lighting and temperature change to just how you like them.

• Set the lights and devices in your home office to power up with a pre-scheduled program before you start working, then go on standby when you’re done.

• Let your home automatically anticipate your needs, reducing your living costs and environmental footprint.

• Choose how you control your smart home, with the Wiser by SE app, voice assistants or automatically.

Imagine all this control over your comfort, peace of mind and energy efficiency, right at your fingertips. With a Clipsal Wiser Smart Home, you can.

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*Terms and Conditions apply.