FloorTech vs conventional concrete slabs

18 January 2022

Why do we use FloorTech’s suspended flooring system?

When you build with TERRACE Homes, your two-storey TERRACE home will feature FloorTech’s engineered flooring system that reduces build times and offers you greater flexibility post-construction.

The FloorTech flooring system is an innovative and superior alternative to conventional concrete slabs, and its unique design eliminates the need for obtrusive concrete support beams on wide ceiling spans. The truss beam and built in channels are ideal as ducting for ventilation, or to conceal wiring and piping.

A breakthrough in suspended flooring construction.

Here are some of the reasons why your new home should be built with a FloorTech slab and not a conventional suspended slab:

  • Built-in channels between beams can, under the right circumstances, accommodate ducting for ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Recessed, concealed beams allow for flat, continuous ceilings and cleaner lines throughout. The FloorTech system allows changes to be made to recessed lighting after construction is complete. Such changes are not possible with a conventional suspended concrete slab.
  • Extra wiring for security systems, lighting, surround sound and data can be allowed for when the floor is first installed, or changed later. With a conventional suspended slab, no changes can be made once it’s laid.
  • The truss beam system allows for extra flexibility in home design and potential cost savings.
  • The FloorTech system design easily accommodates plumbing and allows greater freedom in the design and location of wet areas on the upper floor.

To find out more about FloorTech and why TERRACE Homes adopts this method of suspended flooring construction, visit floortech.net.au or get in touch with a TERRACE Homes Specialist today!