When should I buy home insurance for my new home?

If you’re in the process of buying a new home (or you’re thinking about doing it), insurance is an important consideration.

FloorTech vs conventional concrete slabs

When you build a TERRACE home, your home will feature FloorTech’s engineered flooring system that reduces build times & offers you greater flexibility.

Affordable luxury living is coming to Harrisdale Green

Style and sustainability will become one as 21 exclusive house and land packages make their way to Harrisdale Green in Perth’s southeastern suburbs with the launch of its newest precinct, Greenlink Mews.

Tips to help make your home more sustainable

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue in society, and more and more of us are looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste that we’re producing and to become more energy efficient at home.

How to design a new home

Effective internal and external design is crucial for a new home. The foundation of any home design is the clever use of space, especially lot sizes in Perth becoming smaller.

How to choose a builder for your new home

Choosing a builder is the most important decision you’ll make in the home building process. It’s also one of the toughest...

How to build an energy efficient house

Today, it’s easier than ever before to buy or build an energy-efficient home...