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What is the difference between a titled and untitled lot of land?

Due to the high demand for land for new homes, many developers are in a position whereby they are unable to develop the land quickly enough to meet consumer demand. Subsequently many lots sold are on a ‘presale’ basis, meaning the developer or owner of the land is selling lots prior to them being fully developed.

An untitled lot may still require the provision of services such as roads, curbing, footpaths, water and power before a building licence can be submitted and TERRACE or any other home builder can commence construction of the home.

A lot which is titled will enable the purchaser to take ownership of the land sooner and the building process will not be delayed by any restrictions by the land development. A titled lot allows TERRACE to access the site and undertake all works necessary for the application of a building licence enabling a quicker building timeframe.


How do I choose the right block of land?

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a block of land aside from simply its location.  Important things to consider are the solar orientation, whether the block is flat or sloping, street appeal, distance to amenities and the frontage. This is something your TERRACE Homes Specialist can assist you with to ensure you get the perfect block for your design.


What are site works?

Site works describes the work required on your building site to prepare it for you home to be built. It involves all the work that is carried out on site that doesn’t directly involve building your house. Site works can consist of earthworks, footings, site classification, retaining walls, local government authority requirements, coastal provisions, Bushfire Attack Levels etc. Not all those listed above will be needed in your site works, however, TERRACE works with you to explain each line item of site works to ensure that all costs are looked at up front for no hidden surprises later down the track for your build.

Your Building and Design Consultant will allow a site works allowance and are subject to the receipt of the engineer’s report and the feature survey.


What is a home and land package?

At TERRACE, we like to make things easy for our customers, so we help you find the perfect block, pair it with a winning design suitable to your area and package it up as one final cost. This has the benefit of requiring one loan instead of multiple and will ensure you save unnecessary fees/charges.


What is a turnkey package?

A complete home and land package option that is designed and built-ready to move into.

This would include building a TERRACE home that includes floor coverings, window treatments, internal painting, alarm, landscaping, letter box and clothesline.



What is pre-construction?

Pre-construction involves all the tasks that need to be completed in order to get your home prepared, ready for construction to begin on your lot of land. This includes all the ins and outs from signing your Preliminary Works Agreement, obtaining any necessary developer and government approvals, drafting of plans, final costings, going through your prestart and colour selections and finalising formal finance approvals.

During this process, your designated Contract Administrator will be there with you through this part of your building journey.



What does it mean by a lifetime structural warranty?

When you build with TERRACE, you receive a Lifetime Structural Warranty on your new home. For the lifetime of your occupancy, we guarantee the structure of the works to give you peace of mind.*


What is a prestart meeting and how does it work?

Your prestart meeting is where you will meet your Contract Administrator at our office to finalise colours and products to be included in your new TERRACE home. This is one of the most exciting steps of your building journey where you can to bring your style and individuality into the interior design of your home.

For your prestart peeting, please allow a few hours to go through the signing of your contract documentation, talk through plans and finalise your product and colour selections.



What is a variation?

If you wish to make any changes to your contract document once you have signed your Preliminary Works Agreement, this is noted as a ‘variation’. These are written up in order to amend your plans.


What is practical completion?

You have reached Practical Completion when all construction works on your new home are complete. You will then have a Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) with your Site Supervisor to go through the home prior to key handover.

*Terms & Conditions and exclusions apply. The warranty is provided in addition to any warranty or guarantees imposed by law and the guarantees implied by Australian Consumer Law. This specific warranty is non-transferrable and applies only to the Proprietor’s occupancy. Contact TERRACE for further details.